Thursday, May 14, 2015

Every Day in May (EDiM) : week two

This week's topics for the "Every Day in May" (EDiM) include:

May 8: something with a handle
May 9: something with an interesting label
May 10: something you can turn on/off
May 11: a hat, cap, or other headgear
May 12: some stairs or steps
May 13: the last thing you bought
May 14: something you use every day

a "handoru" ("handle") from our car... the only downtime last Friday

the clear labels from a jute sack of Basmati rice

my trustworthy camera, less of a power-hog than the mirrorless

ornamental Samurai armour, left from Children's Day (kodomo-no-hi)

the basement stair... where table leafs and vacuum cleaners live

the 65 year old leather seat from a vintage bike purchase last Saturday

a space used every day... the pantry

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