Thursday, May 28, 2015

Every Day in May (EDiM) : week four

This week's topics for the "Every Day in May" (EDiM) include:

May 22: something that hangs from/is attached to a wall in your house
May 23: an interesting detail of a building
May 24: some keys
May 25: an apron, or something worn during messy activities
May 26: a sign
May 27: something furry or fuzzy
May 28: a yard ornament or statuary

a wrought iron coat hanger at our entry... spring jackets

an obsolete cast iron fireplace insert

keys... and other trinkets

my wife's baking apron

signs at a construction site

furry tips of dandelion flowers, before seeds are released into the wind

the closest thing to yard ornaments in our yard...

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