Thursday, May 7, 2015

Every Day in May (EDiM) : week one

Day 1: your favourite food
 I have joined a Facebook group called "Every Day in May", which challenges members to sketch a particular subject and post it each day through the month of May. Some require a bit of re-interpretation to keep it interesting and sustainable, but it's been a great challenge and a way to push the envelope a little in regards to subject matter. Here are the first 7 days' subjects and results.

Day 1. your favourite food
Day 2. a nearby tree
Day 3. curtains
Day 4. a bottle of herbs or spices
Day 5. something hot
Day 6. something with bristles
Day 7. envelope(s)

Day 2: a nearby tree

Day 3: curtains

Day 4: a bottle of herbs or spices

Day 5: something hot!

Day 6: something with bristles

Day 7: envelope(s)

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