Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Every Day in June: part 3

Last of the month of June... 

23. Rain
24. In the can  (done last week)
25. Sweet
26. Night lights
27. Something you collect
28. Spit shine
29. Vacation
30. Religious icons/imagery

a rainy morning... downtown university and arena construction view

sweet dreams...
night lights... 11pm
collecting memories... summer market and FIFA match

planning vacations...

The bread, broken for us; the blood, shed for us.  A forged iron cross.

Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Every Day in June: part 2

Part 2 of Every Day in June... 
(I've skipped a few days this month... it's been a busy month. )

12. Gated/shuttered
13. Tools
14. Dinnertime
15. Like Van Gogh
16. Help!
17. Transportation
18. Sanctuary
19. Fashion
20. Nursery rhyme
21. Animal(s)/pet(s)
22. Sporting
23. Rain
24. In the can

irises... like Van Gogh


home as sanctuary
fashion (?)

"in the can"... broken glass
horses at an acreage
sporting... baseball gloves

Saturday, June 13, 2015

Every Day in June: part 1

As it turns out, there's another Facebook group called "Every Day in June". There is a subject each day, much in the same way as Every Day in May, but this month's topics generally seem more playful. I haven't managed to post every day, but here's the first eleven (really nine).

1. a selfie
2. shell games
3. music
4. be seated
5. in the garden
(6. clean sweep)
(7. dance)
8. leave it alone!
9. blue
10. wash
11. shoes
a solemn self sketch

shells from Cornwall

my daughter at the piano

stay seated... a Brooks saddle

strawberries in the garden

big bag of potato chips... best left alone when alone
blue motorcycle

washed trays and bowls and cups

shoes at a school

Monday, June 1, 2015

third floor slab/concrete pour

 Back to the nearby construction site during lunch break... the third floor has been poured, lots of concrete trucks in and out of the site this past week.