Thursday, May 21, 2015

Every Day in May (EDiM) : week three

This week's topics for the "Every Day in May" (EDiM) include:

May 15: something you could give/throw away
May 16: ingredients for a favourite recipe
May 17: something used for measuring
May 18: lipstick/lip gloss
May 19: a cupcake
May 20: your wallet/billfold
May 21: the spot you regularly sit to read

a box full of paper to be recycled

some essential tools for building bikes, including a tape measure and calipers

my wife's basket of makeup, which includes three sticks of lipstick

cupcakes... without the cakes

my wallet... just like the Seinfeld episode

most of my reading these days happens here, right before their bedtime


  1. I have been admiring your ink sketches at the EDiM fb group and just wanted to stop in here to tell you how deeply your drawings speak to me. Even the most pedestrian subjects come alive through your artful composition and expressive line and shading. You inspire me to persevere in ink. It is always tempting to splash a bit of color on the page and call it good. So much more can be expressed in shades of grey. Thank you for sharing your beautiful sketches!

    1. Suzanne, Thank you for your warm words, and for bringing me encouragement also! I have in turn been inspired by the great variety of vantage points, styles, and personalities of drawings out there on fb and am grateful that I have found this opportunity. Only a few more days to go...!
      For the longest time I drew only with line, but a whole world of new subject matter opened up to me when I started using watercolour washes. But my foundations lie in the character of the line... something my father taught me.