Wednesday, May 31, 2017

Every Day in May 2017: week 4

This is my third year participating in the Facebook sketching group, "Every Day in May", in which participants post one sketch a day throughout the month, in response to the day's theme or prompt.

This is the result of week 4.
Day 22: something you collect: items collected on a mountain hike

 Day 23: something transparent: the icy surface of Lake Louise, and the cool spring sky

Day 24: a perfume bottle: no perfume in the house, so some miscellaneous oils, sprays and creams.

 Day 25: a musical instrument: the insides of our upright piano
 Day 26: something that makes you laugh: my son, the family comedian, after a day clowning around.

Day 27: something old or vintage: a 1950s Raleigh biycle
 Day 28: a traffic sign: on Jasper Avenue.

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