Sunday, May 14, 2017

Every Day in May 2017: week 2

This is my third year participating in the Facebook sketching group, "Every Day in May", in which participants post one sketch a day throughout the month, in response to the day's theme or prompt.

This is the result of week 2.
Day 8: smallest thing on desk: hand-carved rubber stamps, accompanied by red  Chinese ink paste

Day 9: something huge: the new behemoth that has taken over the north half of downtown, Rogers Place. 

Day 10: lunch: some leftover steamed fish with red peppers.

 Day 11: Cactus: a succulent plant

Day 12: something on a bookshelf: art supplies

Day 13: a tree or leaf: a tree in our yard

Day 14: a Mothers Day gift: individually bouqueted stems of roses, to be distributed at church

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