Saturday, May 27, 2017

Every Day in May 2017: week 3

This is my third year participating in the Facebook sketching group, "Every Day in May", in which participants post one sketch a day throughout the month, in response to the day's theme or prompt.

This is the result of week 3.
 Day 15: a favourite tool: a pedal wrench and a bottom bracket wrench.
 Day 17: a power plug: with a timer
 Day 18: something sweet: a bottle of Weissbier
 Day 19: feet with or without socks: without

 Day 16: something you made: my commuter bike, built up from a 1970s frame.
 Day 20: something from a garden or park: an old tree stump in our yard
Day 21: a bicycle: an old Brooks saddle with a Trail-a-Bike attachment

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