Tuesday, January 12, 2016

My Steeds: Number Three (A): The Mountain Bike

The other bike that was sitting in my garage for a good part of the last 15 years was an early 1990s (?) Marin mountain bike that I bought second hand almost 20 years ago. Three years ago, as a birthday present, my wife took it to a bike mechanic to have it tuned up and made ride-able again... but it didn't see much action for another two years. That birthday present, however, was the catalyst for my recent re-connection with the bicycle.

There's a reason I didn't end up riding the bike... I found out it was too small. Luckily (or, as fate would have it), on the same day I picked up the Sekine frame from the local community bike shop, I found the exact same Marin frame, but 2 inches larger. Transferring all the parts from the smaller frame to its larger counterpart was my second bike build.

These sketches are of the old retired frame... an old friend whose spirit lives on in a new creation.

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