Thursday, January 21, 2016

My Steeds: Number Three (B): The Mountain Bike

I never had much of a desire to ride off-road or on dirt trails until last fall, and during its reincarnation this Marin mountain bike took on a more commuter character with the addition of fenders and slick tires, making it more of a hybrid than a true mountain bike. Despite my initial bent towards road bikes, I have to admit it rides much more comfortably on city roads. Through the summer, it became my default weekend bike for hitching a Trail-a-Bike to, for excursions around the city with the kids; the sturdier ride and wider handle bars made this especially appropriate, and we thoroughly enjoyed exploring the neighbourhood in search of garage sales.

I learned a lot from the transfer of parts from the smaller frame, including the difference between forks and how to make DIY headset cup presses (the previous "version" of this bike had a threadless fork that would not fit the larger frame... one of many upgrades made by the first owner), but I never managed to master the intricate art of adjusting the derailleurs to work smoothly, and I now have a cracked cog needing replacement... more opportunities for hands-on learn in the spring.

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