Monday, November 8, 2010

The Town of Nagayo, Nagasaki Prefecure

The town of Nagayo is a few train stations north of Nagasaki. Its main commercial street, a once lively strip of small stores and a market closely associated with everyday life in the community, has been in steady decline. Now, there are a significant number of empty shopfronts with their shutters a permanent face towards the sidewalk. It`s a common phenomenon in Japan, and perhaps throughout the world. Malls and big boxes are now everywhere. 

At the centre of town is a large industrial-looking complex... it is the Nagayo agricultural coop, and it will be bustling with activity in the next few weeks as the mandarine oranges throughout the area are harvested and brought here. The orchards on the hilly landscape are quite a view around here...


  1. Rui, fantastic!!!! Seiko

  2. amazing, work. You definitely influenced me.