Wednesday, November 17, 2010

A panoramic view of the Town of Nagayo

I don`t think I`ve ever drawn this many buildings at once...

I was pleasantly interrupted half way through by a large group of local elementary school kids on a day hike to the park, greeting me as they climbed up the endless set of stairs leading to the top of this hill.

I sketched part of this panoramic view from Nakao-jo Park last year, but this time I took on the challenge of taking in a much wider view to include pretty much all of the central areas of the town... the civic building, the agricultural coop, the commercial strip, the river, the railway tracks.
Nagasaki is located left of this view, the rest of Nagayo to the right, while beyond the hills at the centre lies Omura Bay and then another land mass (Nishi-Sonogi Peninsula) shown far away in this sketch.

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