Thursday, November 11, 2010

A short walk in Nagayo...

 We still haven`t had the opportunity to go into Nagasaki yet (15 minutes away by train), so I took a brief walk around Nagayo again... this time along the main road in a direction I`ve not ever walked, past the local train station. This sketch is from the steps of the Catholic church, towards Nakao-jo Park, which is at the top of this hill. It`s a great public amenity, with spectacular views and interesting outdoor recreational amenities (like grass skiing and a long tubular slide that you can see from miles away... not shown here).
I turn from the main road and walk uphill towards the newer residential areas... and look back towards the hills on the other side of the river - a very nondescript, typical view here along the winding street. It`s still interesting enough for me, but in a few days these will become more insignificant as the initial excitement of being back home fades away.

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