Wednesday, June 6, 2018

Every Day in May 2018: The Last 10 Days

This is the result of the last 10 days of "Every Day in May".
This is my fourth year participating in this Facebook sketching group, in which participants post one sketch a day throughout the month, in response to the day's theme or prompt.

Day 22: hands... my daughter reads, then falls asleep

Day 23: fried eggs: egg prior to frying

Day 24: seafood: dried kelp

Day 25: outdoor sketch: an uninspiring Calgary Trail view from a coffee shop

Day 26: a towel

Day 28: some coins: 1 Krone coin and 5 Yen coins on a key chain

Day 28: a house plant: succulents

Day 29: headphones

Day 30: bread

Day 31: representing a hobby: two pairs of cycling shoes

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