Sunday, May 15, 2016

Every Day in May: Week 2

I have signed up for "Every Day in May", a Facebook page where sketchers are assigned a common subject each day during the month of May to draw, share, and enjoy with one another.

The subjects for days 8 to 14 were:

Day 8: boots: an assortment of boots to be stored for the summer
Day 9: someone you love or admire: the kids as they sleep
Day 10: candy: a pile of caramel (and a glass of beer)
Day 11: a pail or bucket: a small galvanized metal container full of coloured pencils
Day 12: leaves: the thick leaves of some succulents
Day 13: a suitcase: the corner of an antique trunk with metal corner guards and leather handles
Day 14: a sandwich: banana bread, because this will be the closest thing to a sandwich this weekend...

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