Sunday, May 8, 2016

Every Day in May: Week 1

Once again, I have signed up for "Every Day in May", a Facebook page where sketchers are assigned a common subject each day during the month of May to draw, share, and enjoy with one another. It has kept me on my toes, pushed the envelope a little, and, through witnessing the work of so may other talented people, inspired me.

The first 7 days' subjects were:

Day 1: a toy... my dirt bike, recently built up from an old Kona frame

Day 2: something with folds... my wife's old, tattered accordion file

Day 3: a hammer... a series of tools used as a hammer in desperate circumstances

Day 4: a game... some baseball gloves, including my favourite Adidas glove used for over 30 years

Day 5: something seen in a park... a row of trees on a sunny afternoon

Day 6: a timepiece... the intricate innards of an antique chime clock

Day 7: a gadget used for cleaning... the washing machine, lurking in the basement like the HAL 9000

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