Wednesday, August 7, 2013

HBC trapper's capote, Rocky Mountain House

A sketch showing a trapper's capote coat on display at the interpretive centre at the Rocky Mountain House National Historic Site, just outside Rocky Mountain House, Alberta.

I was familiar with the Hudson's Bay Company blankets that one often sees in stores (at $300-$500, they are not cheap, and I only thought they were rather garish...), but was unaware of just how historically significant and iconic these wool blankets were until I saw this old trapper's coat, which don those immediately recognizable colours. The blankets have been in production (in England) since the 1780s (the familiar red green yellow on white ones since 1800), and were used to trade with the Natives for beaver pelts.

We took the opportunity to travel west for a day trip to Nordegg and beyond up to Abraham Lake, to take in some of the Rockies at the end of the David Thompson Highway.
a view from the David Thompson Resort

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