Monday, April 29, 2013


My son is now heavily into the Urutoraman ("Ultraman") series, thanks to an extremely cheap DVD set I purchased at a local supermarket of all places. He ended up napping with the paper mask I created.

Incidentally, these sketches were done using a Pilot Parallel Pen (2.4mm) I bought last weekend. It's taken a bit of getting used to, and although I anticipated using it to make creative use of broad and thin lines, I've found that the ink doesn't flow as smoothly with the flat side down; it limits the sense of spontaneity I imagined could be possible in the linework. However, to my surprise, I've enjoyed using the nib's edge instead. Unlike regular fountain pens, the unique square metal nib doesn't flex vertically or horizontally, and keeps solid ungiving contact with the paper, leaving a satisfying sound as though making audible the paper's texture. The ink flows nicely in the process, and though the lines are thin and relatively consistent, they still possess character.

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