Saturday, April 13, 2013

kitchen utensils

I am always inspired by other people's sketches and the unique ways they see the world. I recently bought several books by Danny Gregory, including one called "Everyday Matters". We all begin drawing under different circumstances and driven by different aspirations, but I was struck by the way this author started his journey into the world of sketching more as a therapeutic act than anything else, drawing anything and everything he could find in his house as a way of coming to terms with a traumatic turn of events in his family life.
This story, in turn, inspires me to turn my own eyes towards the mundane, everyday world around me... how else can you begin to see the beauty of each object in the kitchen, as though they were flowers in a vase, but each developing its own character, evoking scenes of sunny Saturday morning pancakes, the smell of garlic and olive oil, and the sensation of potatoes being mashed before the family Christmas dinner...

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