Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Village Vanguard PAPA: The "Exciting Bookstore"

"EXCITING BOOK STORE," read the bright neon sign tacked onto an otherwise bland and utilitarian building in suburban Nagoya.

Skeptical, I walked in to this local "bookstore" through a set of unceremonious doors, and found myself in a different world, with the thought "this is an exciting bookstore..." rushing through my head.

Amongst the strategically located shelves of books (many of them from smaller publishers), there was a cacophony of various quirky, sometimes kitschy, and usually sensible merchandise, ranging from clocks, bags, shirts, hats, keychains, stationery, CDs and DVDs, and an assortment of objects one didn't even know existed, all displayed from floor to ceiling in a rather haphazard way. Categories of items meld from one to the next, along with the sounds of different genres of music playing from little portable stereos, again placed strategically throughout the place; you can get lost in the intimate and maze-like setup, surrounded by interesting stuff, stuff, and more stuff...

I ended up buying two hats for myself that were much more colourful than what I would usually be comfortable wearing.

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