Saturday, January 14, 2012

green anjou pears

 I am fighting jetlag, and am up at 3am sketching pear after pear after pear...

These are some of the results as I opened up a set of gansai (顔彩, Japanese paints) that I bought for the first time a few weeks ago, and I used them on different kinds of paper: a regular sketchbook that takes watercolours, a Muji comic strip pad that doesn't , and gasenshi (画仙紙, a type of Japanese art paper) that lets colours bleed. Gasenshi seems most often used nowadays  for etegami, which my mother used to create with coloured pencils and send the old fashioned way. I've not used gasenshi before, and rather enjoyed the way colours bleed together (something I haven't yet been able to exploit...)

These pears will become a compote some time this afternoon, using my mother's favourite recipe...


  1. What a great experiment to have when you can't sleep. A couple of nights that I couldn't sleep, I drew things in my home, but I never thought to take advantage of experimenting.

  2. Thanks, yes, the dead of night seems to make you a bit more spontaneous...