Sunday, January 16, 2011

the main plaza at Nagasaki Station

The entry area at Nagasaki`s main railway station was revamped many years ago, and now passengers are greeted by an open air plaza with a huge membrane canopy above, linked to a glitzy multi-storey commercial complex as well as restaurants, convenience stores, and a hotel. It`s an amazing urban space that is often a venue for public events, and seems to be an appropriately "muscular" gesture in an incredibly busy, chaotic transportaion hub.

These two views were drawn on separate days... the top looks out from the plaza, towards the taxi stands, tram/bus terminal, and main arterial road... the overhead canopy frames one of the many hilly, built up neighbourhoods in the city.

The bottom is an evening view from the pedestrian deck above the tram and bus lines, looking back towards the train station plaza... gradually getting busy with the evening commute home.

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