Tuesday, December 14, 2010

sleeping like a baby...?

We are still dealing with the stress and fatigue of a 6 month-old waking up crying 3 to 5 times in the night... so in recent weeks I've not risked disturbing his slumber by the presence of a sketcher...

Somehow, I did manage to squeeze in a window of time today, but the sketches became a series of little unfinished vignettes as my son kept moving in his sleep every few minutes... and I had to adjust my line character accordingly. 

As we head deeper into Advent, I am increasingly intrigued by the thought of the baby Jesus, the Son of God, beginning His life as an infant among us just like my own son sleeping in front of me. (And unlike what all the paintings show us, I am certain that He too kept his parents up through the night; with the kind of faith that Mary and Joseph had, I'm sure God would have had it no other way! Somewhat comforting I suppose...)

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