Thursday, June 2, 2016

Every Day in May: Week 4 to the end...

I have signed up for "Every Day in May", a Facebook page where sketchers are assigned a common subject each day during the month of May to draw, share, and enjoy with one another.

The subjects for the final 10 days were:

Day 22:  bowls: an assortment of bowls in our kitchen
Day 23: a pet: my son cuddles my daughter's "pets", the seals Pippa and Pip
Day 24: favourite fruit or veggie: four red peppers... frankly not my favourite vegetable by any means, but good to draw
Day 25: something in a glass container: ink
Day 26: insects: two papercraft bugs... a snout beetle and a dung beetle
Day 27: tea or coffee: my son and I at our local coffee shop after a weekend bike ride
Day 28: something from a nature walk: the North Saskatchewan River, during a bike ride with my son
Day 29: condiments: essentials in a Japanese household
Day 30: feathers: a single feather, picked up during a hike in the woods
Day 31: a view from a window: our neighbour's house at dusk, way past 10pm in this part of the world... posted 11:50am May 31.

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