Saturday, June 13, 2015

Every Day in June: part 1

As it turns out, there's another Facebook group called "Every Day in June". There is a subject each day, much in the same way as Every Day in May, but this month's topics generally seem more playful. I haven't managed to post every day, but here's the first eleven (really nine).

1. a selfie
2. shell games
3. music
4. be seated
5. in the garden
(6. clean sweep)
(7. dance)
8. leave it alone!
9. blue
10. wash
11. shoes
a solemn self sketch

shells from Cornwall

my daughter at the piano

stay seated... a Brooks saddle

strawberries in the garden

big bag of potato chips... best left alone when alone
blue motorcycle

washed trays and bowls and cups

shoes at a school

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