Sunday, July 6, 2014

for my father

As we organized our stuff in the basement, I came across some more watercolour tubes that belonged to my father who passed away in 2011. My mother (also no longer with us) had kept them in a Chivas "Royal Salute" bag. (In my childhood, I kept marbles as well as my allowance money in a similar Crown Royal sack...these bags are very useful.)

I am not sure whether my father kept the paint tubes in this bag to begin with, but it seemed an apt keepsake, because my father sure liked his whiskey (it sure contributed to his passing in one way or another), and he also enjoyed painting (it was a social activity that gave him life in his later years). As I drew these, I couldn't help but think that each of these tubes has left for me a physical imprint of the life he lived as his fingers squeezed colours out from these Holbein tubes.

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