Sunday, September 22, 2013

hauling junk

This is perhaps the first time I did a sketch out of spite... although, admittedly, I'm really not sure who I was frustrated with, the truck that cut in line or me for not being more careful.

I inadvertently let a truck in ahead of me during the long, one hour vehicular line up to dump large items during a Big Bin Event put on by the city.  I scrounged around for a writing utensil and paper (I found a red ballpoint and unfurled a paper airplane I made last week for my son) from my crammed car full of large broken items... in the end, I saved the family in front of me 20 minutes of waiting time, and I got a sketch out of the experience.

1 comment:

  1. 1) Interesting airplane. Looks fancy. Ones I make only have about 4 folds. What type of airplane was it?
    2) Red ball point pen. Some kind of cosmic justice in the rage sketch.
    3) Odd that you didn't include the license plate number. As it stands, I now have to give the stink-eye to every F150 I see on the road, which strikes me as more work than is strictly necessary. Alberta plates, at least?