Saturday, February 23, 2013

wrong ink!

The Noodler's Ink Ahab Fountain Pen I bought a few weeks ago was a hit, and I have loved using it. Wanting to experiment with colour (without dip pens), I bought another Ahab, along with two of the slightly cheaper (and smaller) Noodler's Creaper pens, so that I could fill them with other colours. These sheets are the result of some experimenting...I still prefer the Ahab pen, as it gives me a much cleaner, crisper line with easier manipulation of width. The Creaper pen is still good, with a more consistent, softer line, while still allowing expressiveness. Both cannot beat the flexibility of certain metal nibs on dip pens, although I was surprised how spontaneously I changed my technique depending on the personality of the pen. Each has its own great quality.

I quickly found that the new pens were getting clogged. I had been using the wrong type of ink unsuitable for fountain pens. I rinsed the pens immediately... and now need to acquire new ink. This has become an expensive endeavor.

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