Thursday, January 31, 2013

"Ziva" Paperwhite bulbs: experimenting with pens

 I bought some "Ziva" Paperwhite bulbs at the local Home Depot; they were essentially leftover Christmas items, and I plan on planting them indoors with the kids.

I also bought a Noodlers Ahab fountain pen (and Noodlers ink) today, and thought the bulbs might be a good subject to compare the fountain pen with the dip pen nibs I've used the past few months. The first pair of sketches are done with the new fountain pen (another review here... I am amazed that there's a world of passionate fountain pen enthusiasts out there...), and the others are 4 different steel dip pen nibs. As far as fountain pens go, my new toy is a very low-cost writing instrument, but still, it is by far the most expensive tool I've used. Apart from the fact that I don't need to continue dipping the pen in an inkpot, I very much enjoy the smoothness and flow of the ink that forces me to keep the nib gliding on the paper. I was a bit disappointed that the nib was not nearly as flexible as I had imagined, but still, I enjoy the character of the lines, and I can always apply extra pressure when needed.

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