Tuesday, August 7, 2012

CJM Sunnyside Camp 2012: part 3

A new feature at the campground this year was the huge heap of logs at the side of the main entry... and it's a refreshing feast for the eye given my naive urban sensibilities. With so many different and interesting shapes and volumes, textures and shadows, it's a goldmine as far as sketching goes.

I was intrigued by the faces of each cut log... the obvious reason is the sheer diversity and sense of time, history, character and personality that is inscribed so reverently in each face. But the logs also seem to symbolize an interesting confluence between nature and human intervention, both mutually allowing the other to reveal itself; one a persevering and incremental growth, the other an instantaneous incision; one with a radial and organic pattern, the other a series of hard geometric gestures juxtaposed onto an existing order. Each log face reads as a landscape... like a condensed version (or memory) of the prairies.

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