Friday, December 30, 2011

"Gozarasse" onsen in Nagakute

After a busy and stressful few weeks, I rewarded myself with a trip to an onsen close by. A free 15 minute shuttle bus from Fujigaoka subway station takes us to the facility in the adjacent town of Nagakute.

Among the many kinds of baths was a beautiful space (洞窟湯) situated in the outdoor spa section -- a little grotto-like space, dark, cosy, meditative, filled with steam and mist, but partially illuminated by rays of sunlight. The darkness of the materials inside allow the mist to stand out, especially as it hovers gently over the surface of the still water. The sound of the spring water dropping onto a feature stone offers a soothing aural experience. Outside, two more stone spouts installed higher up a thick stone wall pour water down to stone slabs delineating where to stand (打ち湯). There is moss that has grown on a side wall.

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