Monday, October 10, 2011

Parasaurolophus in the late autumn woods

Today is the last day that Jurassic Forest (the local attraction that put Gibbons, AB on the map for Edmontonians) is open for the season. It's a little expensive, but the fall weather was beautiful on this Thanksgiving Monday and we'd not be able to go until next spring, so we made the short trip 30 minutes north of Edmonton with the kids.

What I enjoy about this theme park is the way that the full size dinosaur replicas are placed in our natural Albertan woodland setting, giving a better sense of what it might have been like to encounter these animals in the wild. I especially like the group of Parasaurolophus specimens (including a baby) nestled among the tall trees... I'm not sure whether red and yellow deciduous plants were common 75 million years ago, but it was a beautiful walk in the woods nonetheless.

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