Sunday, May 1, 2011

A Mini-Tribute to my father... PART 7

(continued from Part 6; images are my father's work.)

I received my one and only drawing lesson from my father when I was in grade three or four. Inspired by the way he drew so non-chalantly, I asked him to teach me; he obliged with the challenge of both a difficult subject matter and medium (sticks of charcoal). We both drew the same doll and took a photo of the occasion. I still remember the sense of respect and awe at seeing how different our drawings were… but also a bond that I now understand must be akin to what his retirement-aged painting peers held in common. Along with the weekly ritual of playing catch in my elementary school years, that lone sketching session is one of the most powerful memories I have that speaks to the notion of fatherhood.

A sketch from the same period...(1983)

(to be continued…)

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