Sunday, March 6, 2011

A Mini-Tribute to my father... PART 1

It will be just over 2 months since the passing of my father, whose life on this earth ended peacefully in the early hours of January 1st in Nagasaki, after a 13 month struggle with cancer. I am comforted knowing he is now in heaven with the Lord Jesus praising his Father. Since returning to Canada after the funeral, it’s been back to life-as-usual for me, but not without moments to reflect and be thankful for the wonderful father I had.

This post is the first of a series as a tiny tribute to my father in the context of the subject of this blog… sketching. For without his influence, both direct and indirect, I would not have developed the privilege of this tool that enabled me to discover so much in this world. It is one of the many legacies he has left me, and which I wish to pass on to my own children.
(to be continued…)

March 1987, a sketch by my father of me

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