Friday, October 27, 2023

just hanging out...

Some recent sketches... hanging out at a local coffee shop before a site meeting, and chillin' at home...

It's been a while since last doodling at a cafe... loving the Paper Mate pen's ability to make me loosen up and be spontaneous (top 4 sketches); also a perfect pen to use alone with opportunities for quick washes with water. I'll have to buy a box of them. 

Bottom image is with my trusted Pilot fountain pen, which I've been using 95 percent of the time for four and a half years. I've learned to control it. I trust it and know its ink flow.

I realized there's an interesting dynamic between pen, paper, drawing subject, and style, in which it's not so much me solely choosing the tools based on what I think I want to achieve, but the instrument and medium and subject (and me) all meeting somewhere in the middle to produce something of a collaboration. I get to choose the tools, but those tools, in turn, change me...and even the way I see.


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